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Line Space
Line space is controlled by a separate function in most software (Figure 1) and is generally measured from the baseline of one line to the baseline of the next line. With mixed case ClearviewHwy legends, it is important that the space baseline to baseline be at least .66x (two thirds the capital letter height between each line) to prevent a descending character from touching the ascending character on the line below. Actual line space measurements will follow sign layout grid formats with most interline space being 1X or more depending on application.

As a general rule, regardless of whether the display is mixed case or all capital letters, the space between characters and the space around the legend are critical. Letterspaced words that look very open below threshold will appear to have tighter letterspacing when viewed from the intended distance. In a similar way, if the legend is placed too close to the border of a sign, the ascenders and descenders will visually merge into the edge of the sign and create a word form that is more difficult to read when viewed from a distance. Although a mixed case display will require a taller panel for a same size advance guide sign legend (Figure 2), the ease of recognition will be improved significantly with the distinctive word pattern, increased letter space, and additional field around the word.

Figure 1.
Three examples, minimum line space (.66X), 1X, and 1.33X showing both line space and baseline to baseline space

Figure 2.
FHWA Standard Alphabet Series C (top) vs. ClearviewHwy 2-W (bottom)