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What is ClearviewHwy®?

Enhanced Legibility
Improved Recognition Distance/Reaction Time
Reduced Halation
Variety of Applications
Mixed Case vs. All Uppercase
Positive and Negative Contrast Versions

Typeface Display

Research & Design

Similar to the FHWA Standard Alphabets for Traffic Control Devices, there are six weights, from a thin stroke, condensed character (1W) to a heavy weight, full-width character (6W).

In addition, each of the six weights of ClearviewHwy are available in a positive contrast version (white type) designated as “W”, and negative contrast version (black type) designated as “B”, and have been tailored by optimizing the stoke widths for the viewing application.

The primary advantage is realized when negative contrast signs (regulatory, warning, and construction zone, etc.) are lettered with ClearviewHwy. The viewing distance increases because underglow is minimized. In other words, the bold appearance of the letter stroke has not been reduced when viewed at night because of high brightness background. The same effect improves readability under daylight conditions.