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What is ClearviewHwy®?

Enhanced Legibility
Improved Recognition Distance/Reaction Time
Reduced Halation
Variety of Applications
Mixed Case vs. All Uppercase
Positive and Negative Contrast Versions

Typeface Display

Research & Design

By allowing a viewer to read the footprint of the word when displayed in upper and lower case letters, there is an increase in accuracy, viewing distance and reaction time when compared to all uppercase. The research showed that when the original version of upper/lower case Clearview-Condensed (top position, original version of typeface) is compared to FHWA Series D, the most commonly used all capital letter typeface (bottom position), there was a 14% increase in recognition when viewed by older drivers at night, with no loss of legibility.  

Clearview-Condensed (upper position, original version of typeface) vs FHWA Standard Alphabets Series D (lower position)