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What is ClearviewHwy®?

Letterform Design
Development Criteria

Typeface Display

Research & Design

ClearviewHwy was designed for optimal legibility and has a different visual structure than the FHWA Highway Gothic Series. In general, the ClearviewHwy lowercase is taller, interior shapes of letters are more open to allow clear definition of each letter, and letterspacing has been designed to accommodate the needs of older drivers when used with both regular and high brightness sheeting materials. Other features designed to enhance word contrast include (Figure 1) capital letters B, D, P, and R that break the top of the line. The lower case letters are drawn to afford clear definition to letterforms when viewed from a distance. The ascenders of; b, d, f, h, i, j, k, and l of lowercase letters extend above the top of the initial capital letter to enhance word contrast. The descending lowercase letters, including the lowercase “g,” have been designed with the main loop placed above the baseline to allow full definition of the descending tail. All of these nuances are inherent to the design, and to each respective typeface in the ClearviewHwy Type System.

Figure 1.
Geometry of letterforms of the ClearviewHwy Type System based on 100mm capital letter height

Use of ClearviewHwy is intended for mixed case applications. The new ClearviewHwy Type System is provided in six weights (Figure 2). Each weight is specified with two versions: one for use in positive contrast applications (light letter on a dark background), and one for use in negative contrast applications (dark letter on a light background). The negative contrast version is optically adjusted to appear the same weight as the positive contrast version, but has a slightly heavier stroke width.


Figure 2.
The ClearviewHwy type family with the new No.6 weight designed for freeway signs over bifurcated lanes that require significantly greater legibility distance without increasing capital letter height.