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Letterform Design
Development Criteria

Typeface Display

Research & Design

The specific criteria that were used to prepare the ClearviewHwy Type System for inclusion into the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

1. Create a replacement for E-modified that has increased legibility and ease of recognition with reduced halation for older drivers when placed on high brightness sheeting materials.
2. Create mixed case alternatives to Series B, C, D, E, and F with greater legibility and ease of recognition at the same size as all uppercase Standard Highway Alphabet displays. This would be a typographic system based on mixed case applications.
Upper Case
Mixed Case
Series E-modified
  ClearviewHwy 5-W

ClearviewHwy 5-B
Series E
  ClearviewHwy 4-W

ClearviewHwy 4-B
Series D
  ClearviewHwy 3-W

ClearviewHwy 3-B
Series C
  ClearviewHwy 2-W

ClearviewHwy 2-B
Series B
  ClearviewHwy 1-W

ClearviewHwy 1-B

3. Build on the basic Standard Alphabet hierarchy of six weights with optimized letterform design for increased legibility and recognition for older drivers. Including versions of each weight for use in both positive and negative contrast to address the problems of overglow on guide signs and equally solve the problems of reduced stroke width and readability of negative contrast regulatory and warning applications.
4. Develop a method of manual spacing using both metric and English systems of measurement that is compatible with the method proposed for FHWA Standard Alphabets as specified in the 2000 Standard Highway Signs book.

5. Provide in proportionally scalable electronic version for uniform spacing for all weights of the type in the system using industry standard software, with spacing values and kerning that optimizes legibility of the letterforms at the intended viewing distance.
6. Provide font applications software for the ClearviewHwy Type System which would be adaptable to a broad range of software applications commonly used in engineering departments and sign shops for standard highway sign design and production.