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Although there are comparable weights to each of the FHWA Standard Alphabets for Traffic Control Devices, the use of ClearviewHwy may not be a seamless one-for-one replacement of the existing typeface. The change from all uppercase to mixed case will require interpretation of grid formats. Certain weights of ClearviewHwy require slightly more word length and others less length when compared to the respective FHWA font. A comparison is displayed in the “Compare ClearviewHwy” section of this website and are based on a full alphabet display. Word length comparison will vary slightly depending on word configuration. All letterspaces for the FHWA series shown in this comparison have been prepared letter-by-letter to comply with the 2000 charts. For Series B, C, and D, the FHWA uppercase is compared to the mixed case ClearviewHwy. Note that the new letter space calculations developed for the ClearviewHwy Type System includes more space than the lowercase FHWA Series B, C, and D as specified in the 2000 SHS book. This additional space is designed to aid word recognition and legibility when viewed from the appropriate distance.

The following chart provides a general equivalence guideline between current FHWA Standard Alphabets series and the ClearviewHwy Type System.

  ClearviewHwy   Letter
  Stroke Width
to Height
Series B   ClearviewHwy 1-W   1:.470   1:7.8
    ClearviewHwy 1-B   1:.481   1:7.0
Series C   ClearviewHwy 2-W   1:.580   1:6.6
    ClearviewHwy 2-B   1:.601   1:6.0
Series D   ClearviewHwy 3-W   1:.686   1:5.9
    ClearviewHwy 1-B   1:.707   1:5.7
Series E   ClearviewHwy 4-W   1:.720   1:5.6
    ClearviewHwy 4-B   1:.747   1:5.0
Series E-mod.   ClearviewHwy 5-W   1:.773   1:5.1
    ClearviewHwy 5-B   1:.799   1:4.6
Series F   ClearviewHwy 6-W   1:.811   1:4.9
    ClearviewHwy 6-B   1:.830   1:4.5

ClearviewHwy font software was developed by the team that developed the Clearview Type System that has received interim approval by the Federal Highway Administration for use in road guide signs. The renderings of every letter in every font are not only identical to the published standard, but are the designs on which the FHWA adoption is based.

The ClearviewHwy font software allows sign design engineers and signs manufacturers to prepare precisely spaced layouts and cutting files without having to reference separate spacing tables.