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What is ClearviewHwy®?

Series E-(m) vs.
ClearviewHwy 5-W
Series E vs.
ClearviewHwy 4-W
Series D vs.
ClearviewHwy 3-W
Series C vs.
ClearviewHwy 2-W
Series B vs.
ClearviewHwy 1-W
ClearviewHwy 6-W
ClearviewHwy 5-W

Typeface Display

Research & Design

ClearviewHwy-6-W to ClearviewHwy-5-W
ClearviewHwy 6-W: Designed specifically for destination names on large overhead guide signs at bifurcated locations. No current equivalent in FHWA Highway Gothic.

ClearviewHwy 6-W as proposed for freeway applications such as, advance guide signs before bifurcated lanes, has 3.8% heavier stroke width than ClearviewHwy 5-W combined with 4.8% wider letterforms. Overall length of display is 8.6% greater than ClearviewHwy 5-W
ClearviewHwy 6-W

ClearviewHwy 5-W