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Series E-(m) vs.
ClearviewHwy 5-W
Series E vs.
ClearviewHwy 4-W
Series D vs.
ClearviewHwy 3-W
Series C vs.
ClearviewHwy 2-W
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ClearviewHwy 1-W
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ClearviewHwy 5-W

Typeface Display

Research & Design

Series E-modified vs. ClearviewHwy 5-W and 5-W-R  

In a similar comparison of E-modified (spaced to FHWA standards) to ClearviewHwy 5-W, the length of the ClearviewHwy 5-W in this display of the entire lowercase alphabet is 4.7% greater. The proportional length of individual words will vary.

The design of ClearviewHwy 5-W-R is identical to ClearviewHwy 5-W, but has reduced inter-letterspace that is approximately 6% less. ClearviewHwy 5-W-R is designed for overhead freeway replacement panels only with overly wide legends which cannot be accommodated by a panel that is currently at the maximum possible width. Research by the Texas Transportation Institute has shown that use of ClearviewHwy 5-W-R is significantly better than E-modified, but is not as effective as the recommended spacing specified for clearviewHwy 5-W. Use of ClearviewHwy 5-W-R is discouraged in locations in which the replacement panel may be slightly wider to gain the greatest improvement in legibility.

Series E-modified lowercase

ClearviewHwy 5-W

ClearviewHwy 5-W-R