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What is ClearviewHwy®?

Typeface Display

Research & Design

ClearviewHwy font software was developed by the team that developed the Clearview Type System that has received interim approval by the Federal Highway Administration for use in road guide signs. The renderings of every font are not only identical to the published standard, but are the renderings that established the standard.

ClearviewHwy font software allows sign design engineers and sign manufacturers to prepare precisely spaced layouts and cutting files without having to reference separate tables.

ClearviewHwy was developed in a research program to increase the legibility and improve ease of recognition of road sign legends while reducing the effects of halation (or overglow) for older drivers and drivers with reduced contrast sensitivity when letters are displayed on high brightness retroreflective materials.

To satisfy these objectives it was necessary to identify ways to create a more effective typeface than E-modified as used for destination legends on freeway guide signs. A second component of the project was to compare the ease of recognition of mixed case displays in lieu of all capital letter displays (FHWA Series D) and identify ways to improve readability of guide and information signs.

In the ten years of research and development, ClearviewHwy has evolved into a type system with six distinct weights, with each weight having a version for positive and negative contrast applications.