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What is ClearviewHwy®?

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Research & Design

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The only federally approved alternative to existing FHWA Standard Alphabets for Traffic Control Devices. Designed and performance researched through a partnership of typeface designers, perceptual psychologists, human factors scientists and highway engineers.

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ClearviewHwy® - The first Federally approved road sign font system.
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ClearviewHwy is the font software produced by the design team that developed Clearview. This font is identical to the Clearview displayed in the Standard Highway Signs book, however as font software ClearviewHwy contains kerning data in addition to approved letterspacing in default mode. It is compatible with all standard computer operating systems and sign manufacturing software.

Federally approved alternative to Standard Alphabets for Traffic Control Devices
Faster recognition at increased distances
Improved legibility in a similar footprint
Reduced halation for older drivers